At Mayor Bowser’s press conference, on July 19, announcing the redevelopment of Dave Thomas Circle, Councilmember Charles Allen said, “We are not meeting our goals for Vision Zero.” Allen announced he is calling a public hearing to discuss Vision Zero before introducing legislation, to invite comments on transit safety, rather than the specifics of a bill. 

“This is good news,” said Nick DelleDonne, representing the city-wide Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans. Since the Mayor delayed the massive K Street Transitway and the 3-mile stretch on the Connecticut Ave Bike Plan two months ago, the Coalition has been calling for a pause and comprehensive review of DC bike plans in neighborhoods around the city. “It is time for engagement with the community,” DelleDonne said.

On the ambitious redesign of Dave Thomas Circle, at New York and Florida Avenues NE, one of the more dangerous intersections in the city, DelleDonne said, “If you want to reduce traffic fatalities, do not build a playground and crosswalk on an interstate highway,” DelleDonne said. “This is not Disney World. It is an interstate highway. Bikes and pedestrians should not be enticed into a high-traffic maelstrom.” 

Release: Thursday, July 20th, 2023

Contact: Nick DelleDonne, 703 929 6656